Types of fire safety signs

Types of fire safety signs

Fire safety signs are an essential element of fire protection that help you to ensure the staffs and visitors must know what to do in an emergency. Fire safety equipment signs are used to indicate first aid equipment, escape routes, fire alarm call points, emergency exits, etc. Fire safety is the most vital aspects of health and safety in the workplace.


Survey reports show - In the year 2013-2014 there were 22,000 fires in non-domestic buildings leading to 17 deaths and 1083 injuries. Fire equipment and safety signage help to minimise these figures.


Safety signs are of distinct colours


1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Yellow


The signs are made up of words, images or a mixture of both. It is essential that you adhere to the fire safety signs in the workplace and other public areas.


Which fire safety signs are used for firefighting equipment?


Fire Extinguisher SignFire extinguisher signs – displayed next to all fire extinguishers to easily identify the location of the nearest extinguisher.


Fire Alarm Call PointFire alarm call point – located at places where you can initiate the fire alarm.


Fire Hose ReelFire hose reel sign – located at all hose points.


Safety signs used for emergency exits?


Fire Exit SignFire exit sign – displayed all designated fire escape routes and above all emergency exits.


Fire Assembly PointFire assembly point – it is displayed at outside point of assembly where people gather after evacuation


Fire exit signs feature as directional arrows that show the quickest and safest emergency routes as seen below:


Fire Exit Running Man Up Arrow Signthis indicates forward from here. Sign is sited above a door.


Fire Exit Running Man Down Arrow Signthis indicates down from here, thus shows the change of level


Fire Exit Running Man Right Arrow Signthis indicates progress to the right from here, thus indicating the direction of travel


Fire Exit Running Man Left Arrow Signthis progress to the left from here, thus indicating the direction of travel


Why are the fire exit signs green in colour?


In the UK, the exit signs are coloured white, and green as this signifies a safe condition. Most appear as a pictogram of a walking man and an arrow. On some you can see the fire exit letters in lower case. The requirements set by BS 5499.


What do Blue signs mean?


In the UK, blue signs are used to indicate a mandatory action. It is coloured, according to BS 5499. Blue signs are circular in shape and shown in white graphic or white text.


What do Red signs mean?


These signs are square with red background and white images - usually used to indicate the placement of firefighting equipment.


Fire extinguisher labelling?


All extinguishers feature symbols relating to the fire classes they are designed to combat. It is important to check the class of fire the extinguisher is used for as using the wrong extinguisher can increase the fire rather than extinguish it.


Different classes of fire


Class A - it involves organic or solid materials such as textiles, wood, paper and plastics


Class B - it deals with flammable liquids such as petroleum oil, diesel, gasoline, or paint


Class C - it deals with flammable gases such as methane, propane, or butane


Class D - it deals with combustible metals such as lithium, potassium, aluminium, magnesium, sodium, or titanium


Class F - it deals with cooking oils and fats such as maize oil, vegetable oil, butter, sunflower oil, lard, or olive oil


Fire action signs


The purpose is to inform the staffs of what to do when fire occurs. The emergency service phone number, safe assembly point, nearest exit point, etc. they are placed where notices are published. This notice is compulsory in all workplaces, next to fire alarm call points, in areas where employees can access them.


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