Why you need to service a fire alarm system

Why you need to service a fire alarm system

Fire alarms ensure people are made aware and can evacuate safely in the case of a fire. They potentially save lives and reduce the risks of injury. Your fire alarm system must undergo regular maintenance to ensure it is fully functioning. Here we look at some stats and a checklist for maintaining your fire alarm system.




England - Around 528,700 incidents attended by fire and rescue services in 2015 / 2016.


Nearly 40% were false alarms.


So, you need to ensure your system works well.


Different types and alarm system categories


There are several types of alarm system available to suit your needs. But it may differ depending on the premises, usage, size, and number of occupants.


1. Analogue Addressable fire alarm – Lot to choose from here, determined by protocol type.

2. Conventional fire alarm – it is made up of number of call points and detectors that are wired to a fire alarm control panel

3. Wireless fire alarm – use secure, license-free radio communications to interconnect sensors and devices with controllers


Our experienced and certified surveyors will visit your site to, conduct a thorough assessment to establish the needs, and thus ensures your premises are fitted with system that most suits you.


How often do you check fire alarm?


The smoke alarms must be tested at-least once a month. Best to have a frequent test schedule to ensure that it is not missed. Even in residential homes, they should be properly tested regularly.


How often you must test a smoke alarm?


British Standard Regulations states that fire alarms must be tested once a week by responsible people. Most companies have a set day and time when the staffs know that it is a test and not a real alarm.


How long do smoke alarms that are wired in last?


Most smoke alarms have a lifespan between 8 to 10 years, other than that replace the batteries every year. Carbon Monoxide detectors last between 5 to 7 years, while smoke detector with titanium battery can last up to 10 years.


How often should I service?


It is based on your fire risk assessment. This takes into the account that the type of alarm system installed, the environment it operates, and other factors that affect the long-term operation.


It is mandatory that the period of successive inspection and servicing should not exceed 6 months.


Fire alarm inspection


It is important to conduct your own checks. As a user, carrying out an inspection of the components of fire alarm system should be on a weekly or a monthly basis enabling you to quickly identify the parts, which an engineer needs to give attention.


Some routine checks are:


1. Weekly testing of manual call points that is rotating between them from week to week. You can perform this action in working hours, to ensure sound and control panel operate in an effective way

2. Visual inspection of structural changes

3. Make sure the break glass call points are accessible

4. Visual display on fire alarm control panel

5. The Log book must be accessible easily because if a problem arises then it should be recorded, so that engineers can investigate and remedy the problem