Fire Safety Training

We offer extensive fire safety training to ensure the safety of people in the home and the workplace. We offer training both for prevention and to make sure people are prepared in the event.

We are certified to international standards, giving us the ability to deliver high-quality training relevant to the size of any home, business or building. Our courses include safety tips and guidelines to promote health and safety and to prevent a blaze from happening.

Fire Safety Basic Training

Employers in the UK are under a legal obligation to make sure that every employee undergoes safety, basic training from a capable person both at their induction and sporadically on an annual basis.

These include nearest call points, awareness of emergency exits and assembly points. Our courses increase staff awareness and knowledge to ensure that the business is legally compliant and insured.

Training is delivered by our team of professionals who have many years of experience in fire safety (article). Courses are interactive and can include practical demonstrations of extinguishers, testing of alarms and more. We provide training courses specifically designed for your premises and your business. It may be carried out on or off site.

What to do in an emergency?

It’s not just the case of knowing where the blaze exits are; your staff needs to know,

  • Safety policy
  • Who to call
  • How to raise the alarm
  • How to interpret safety signs
  • How to operate extinguishers
  • Risk safety

When is training necessary?

  • When a person starts employment or is transferred into the premises
  • Where the working practices or the people’s responsibilities change
  • To make sure that people know how to safeguard themselves and others in the premises
  • Staff may be expected to help disabled persons

Our training courses include,

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