Fire Risk Assessments BAFE SP205

Fire risk and precaution is a very serious issue facing all businesses around the world, and corporations large or small must strive to achieve sufficient levels of safety. Here in the UK, the issue of health and safety facing modern day companies is essential, making fire safety especially important.

BAFE SP205 Registered 

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Passive Fire Surveys

Regarding fire safety rules, many companies do not meet the sufficient requirements due to the effects of potential passive fire hazards. Passive fire protection is a very important concept when discussing and calculating compliance in regards to fire safety regulations, and is an issue that can be often unnoticed.

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Fire Policies and Procedures

Modern workplaces are designed in a way in which the maximum amount of people can be housed and as much equipment can be incorporated within a building as possible. Because of this, we understand that there are a large number of fire risks that exist within businesses, and thus aim to ensure that the proper fire policies and procedures are in place.

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Fire Safety Audits, Inspections and Advice

As a business, most will do their utmost to adhere to the laws and clear regulations of fire safety, but obviously things are often left forgotten. Fire Safety Legislation requires companies to abide by the certain laws surrounding fire safety, and as a result of this, being a trusted provider, Veteran Fire Safety offer complete and efficient audits, inspections and if needed, advice.

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